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Relax and have a moment with PIERIDAE


Our founder Briana has been creating beautifully scented candles and skincare products for over five years. As she began her wellness journey, the symbolic transformation of butterflies came to mind. Butterflies are symbolic of transformation and hope. Just as butterflies, our minds and bodies also go through changes and transformation. The white butterfly is said to represent the soul, rebirth, and transformation. It also belongs to the scientific family of Pieridae. By reflecting on this symbolism and insight, Briana's creative journey continued as she decided to commit to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle and she is so excited to share her gift with you!

The PIERIDAE mission is to create and provide products that are free of toxins, chemicals, and synthetic materials. Our candles are created with organic coconut soy blend wax, fragrance, and essential oils that not only create a beautiful scent but also help to purify the air around you. Our skincare products are suitable for every skin type or complexion and handcrafted with love and natural ingredients. 


We love to include scents that take you on a journey around the world and truly enjoy creating memorable experiences with products that connect with all that nature has to offer. 

~Thank you for supporting PIERIDAE~

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